coffee drinkers paradise !

I had the pleasure while on vacation and Staying in Whitefish Mt. to visit this establishment. (of course being a coffee fanatic why wouldn’t I?) I missed out on the grand tour while there.

Whitefish is the gate to what I refer to as “the paradise of Montana” (Glacier National Park)

By far my favorite was Montana Traders Coffee Roasters “Grizzly Blend”. This is a dark roasted coffee worthy by far of all dark roasted coffees. I believe they roast something like 40 different coffees for every ones enjoyment. Montana Coffee Traders also has soups and deli items made fresh on there menu daily. Having several locations I recommend this as one of your bucket list items of things to do while in Montana. Check out there website before had and give them a try and see why you WANT to pay these folks a visit while there. From gifts to wares of Montana,including fresh ground to whole bean coffee you will love them. what a better way to make a coffee drinker happy at Christmas than give them a gift card or order from Montana Coffee Traders?

link to coffee heaven…

Montana Coffee Traders


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